Ben’s Big Gig

How do you create a gig in the collaborative era of Twitter, wikipedia, YouTube and all the rest? You crowdsource everything. Its a kind of Cabaret 2.0 with backing performers, creators and collaborators from around the web and all over the globe. Can you help us plan, market and create a web connected, live streamed, fully documented Big gig?

Blah blah #moonfruit blah… (you never know?)

Turn It Off And Turn It On Again live at Ben's Big Gig

@GarrettC single-handedly produced more digital media from BBG than everyone else put together, and tagged, geotagged, emotagged and otherwise meta-described all of it (mostly at

He took a few videos with his sexy Flip camera, and this is one of them. The sound quality is amazing, and it really captures the laughter and jollity of the audience.

This will go down in history as the best guitar intro I ever play.

The rest of the video, along with all…

Video from tonight,12x12 album, recordings & audio all available from when you get home! Go ahead - download it#bensbiggig

If you can think of any merchandise you’d like, go to and ask us. We’ll make it for you :) … #bensbiggig

Thank you audience!#bensbiggig

Thank you spence!#bensbiggig

Can’t get your sunshine out of my mind! #bensbiggig

lovely stuff from #bensbiggig tonight, packed theatre, happy punters and good music things abounding…

Don’t get sad when this screen goes away… #bensbiggig

sing along! #bensbiggig